Episode 6

9 Simple Highly Sensitive Get Good Sleep Tips (PT. 2 of 3)

Published on: 4th August, 2021

In part 2 of this 3 part series on sleep we’ll talk about simple Get Good Sleep Tips.

We know that we need sleep. And yet many of us don’t get enough of it. These are some of my tried and true methods and I share my own unique sleep plan and how you can design it so it works for you!

So how do we get more deep and replenishing sleep? Especially during times of high stress when our nervous systems are on high alert? In my own life after suffering from insomnia for decades I’ve found that focusing on the practical things…implementing simple steps into my daily life has made a huge difference in how I approach sleep. Today I’ll tell you about 9 of my favorites...

Is sleeping 8 hours through the night just a dream? (PT. 1 of 3: Understanding Sleep)

More Info Here: https://linktr.ee/highly.sensitive.healing

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