Episode 16 - bonus

(Bonus) Story Time: When this HSP Decided to Climb a Mountain

Published on: 28th September, 2021

In this bonus episode I share a story about my recent adventure when I decided to climb a mountain. ♥♥♥


"As my hands rested on the tree a lightness came over me, as if I was being comforted by an old friend, who knew me better than I knew myself. A feeling of being rooted and at home there in that moment, telling me that I was welcome, that I belonged, that I was accepted, that I was loved. 

There were so many times, I could never count how many now , when it was all too much, the rejection, the criticism of family, the judgement of friends, the betrayal of broken relationships, the disappointments, the heartaches, the sounds, the smells, the overwhelm, the stress...the loneliness of being an HSP.

Here I was almost at the end of a steep trail that wasn’t meant for me, close to the top of a mountain that I hadn’t known at all before today and I felt? Pure love. I felt acceptance. I felt at peace."

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