Episode 17

Do HSPs Need Permission to be Emotional?

Published on: 29th September, 2021

I read article about HSPs and happiness and the author stated that HSPs need "permission to get emotional and have a good cry."

As Highly Sensitive People we already often feel powerless to process all the emotions, sensations, thoughts and  sensibilities that are pulsing through our bodies, hearts and minds day and night. All the while we’re trying to self-regulate all of these things as we navigate the expectations of others and cultural norms that consistently reprimand us when we can’t push all of our sensitivities down any more until they finally break through the surface. 

In this episode we’re chatting about feeling the need for permission or approval as HSPs to express our feelings and emotions.

Join us inside the Highly Sensitive Healing Circle! Highly Sensitive Healing Circle (mn.co)

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Highly Sensitive Healing
Holistic Clarity and Connection for Highly Sensitive People
Highly Sensitive Healing is about taking healthy and positive action using mindfulness, meditation, and a holistic approach to finding peace, acceptance, and expansion into all areas of our lives as HSPs. Together we’ll navigate the struggles of our High Sensitivity by learning to live with greater wisdom, harmony, and happiness.

Through conversation and practices we seek the clarity and wisdom we need to untangle the challenges of Highly Sensitive living to enjoy a clear path to more joy and self-love.
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Tonya is a Yoga and Mindfulness teacher, Holistic Nutritionist, trauma survivor, depression thriver & Highly Sensitive joy seeker.