Episode 57

How Do We Know When We’re Forcing And Not Flowing?

Published on: 8th June, 2022

How often do we try to force the things we want or think we need into our lives? Anytime we find ourselves forcing things like romantic relationships, friendships, jobs that don’t align with our values or following any path that doesn't feel true to who we are.

Let's talk about how these moments are a perfect time for us to pause and rethink about letting go of what isn't serving us.

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Highly Sensitive Healing Updates

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Highly Sensitive Healing
Clarity and Connection for Highly Sensitive People
Highly Sensitive Healing is about taking healthy and positive action using mindfulness, meditation, and a holistic approach to finding peace, acceptance, and expansion into all areas of our lives as HSPs. Together we’ll navigate the struggles of our High Sensitivity by learning to live with greater wisdom, harmony, and happiness.

Through conversation and practices we seek the clarity and wisdom we need to untangle the challenges of Highly Sensitive living to enjoy a clear path to more joy and self-love.
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Tonya Rothe

Tonya is a Certified Professional Holistic Wellness Guide, trauma survivor, depression thriver & Highly Sensitive joy seeker living in the Pacific Northwest, specializing in Sensitivity Focused Yoga & Nutrition for Body Mind Spirit.