Episode 22

Feeling invisible as a Highly Sensitive Person

Published on: 27th October, 2021

As a highly sensitive person do you ever feel invisible? Or maybe you feel only seen and appreciated for what you can do for others and how you make them feel about themselves, instead of for who you truly are.

When we feel overlooked or dismissed on a regular basis it can increase our emotional distress and manifest in unhealthy ways through feelings of sadness, anger, envy and shame, it can affect our sleep, eating habits, and energy levels. 

Feeling rejected and ignored can lead us down a lonely path as HSPs, leaving us more isolated and disconnected and this is something we must be mindful of when it comes to our mental health.


SAMHSA’s National Helpline: 1-800-662-HELP (4357) (USA)

International Links: International Mental Health Resources and Helpful Links

Mental health resource hub: ‍This page contains a wide range of mental health services around the world.

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Highly Sensitive Healing is about taking healthy and positive action using mindfulness, meditation, and a holistic approach to finding peace, acceptance, and expansion into all areas of our lives as HSPs. Together we’ll navigate the struggles of our High Sensitivity by learning to live with greater wisdom, harmony, and happiness.

Through conversation and practices we seek the clarity and wisdom we need to untangle the challenges of Highly Sensitive living to enjoy a clear path to more joy and self-love.
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