Episode 8 - bonus

(BONUS) Guided Bedtime Pranayama Breathing Practice for Sleep

Published on: 16th August, 2021

Welcome to your 2:1 Breath guided sleep practice.

(Vishama Vritti translated from Sanskrit as "Irregular Way", or "Uneven Movement")

This breath is known to bring instant relaxation in mind and body, making it a great practice for bedtime.  It involves exhalation twice as long as exhalation as it emphasizes extending exhalation slightly longer than normal. 

This often underrated practice helps to stabilize our thoughts and relax our nervous system in preparation for sleep and mediation. 

Let’s get some good sleep!

NOTE: use this practice with caution as it often can make you sleepy quickly! Do not practice while driving or during any other activity where you need to remain alert.

More Info Here: https://linktr.ee/highly.sensitive.healing

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