Episode 18

How to Stop Apologizing for Our High Sensitivity

Published on: 6th October, 2021

In this episode we’re talking about apologizing- more specifically the habit of OVER apologizing. This may seem like a harmless thing on the surface but if we dig a little deeper we start to see that frequently saying sorry begins to affect our confidence and undermine our authority and when we say it too often it can make the necessary apologies we need to make seem insincere.

Many of us can suffer from a lack of confidence and self-esteem because we’re taught that our sensitivity is wrong, that we’re being difficult and unreasonable and that our sensitivity is causing problems for others… so we fall into the habit of apologizing for things when it's completely unnecessary. 

So how do we start to stop over-apologizing?

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Highly Sensitive Healing is about taking healthy and positive action using mindfulness, meditation, and a holistic approach to finding peace, acceptance, and expansion into all areas of our lives as HSPs. Together we’ll navigate the struggles of our High Sensitivity by learning to live with greater wisdom, harmony, and happiness.

Through conversation and practices we seek the clarity and wisdom we need to untangle the challenges of Highly Sensitive living to enjoy a clear path to more joy and self-love.
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