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Is our High Sensitivity a weakness?

Published on: 7th July, 2021

Why is high sensitivity and showing emotion seen as a weakness? Being labeled as fragile or unhappy is commonplace for us as HSPs. We worry about what others will think of us and about being misunderstood. But Just because we don’t move at the same emotional speed as everyone else, we’re conditioned to feel ashamed and embarrassed for it.

Yes, being highly sensitive  can make us feel like we’re on a never ending rollercoaster of high octane emotion and sensory overload, yes it's draining and overwhelming but it also means we possess awareness.

Do we fear being judged for our sensitivity? Are we worried that others might see us as weak if we take compassionate action to help?

And how do we start to overcome these feelings?

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Why is high sensitivity and showing emotion seen 

as a weakness? Being labeled as fragile or unhappy  



is commonplace for us as hsps and we often worry 

about what others will think of us and about being  



misunderstood. But just because we don't move 

at the same emotional speed as everyone else  



we're conditioned to feel ashamed and 

embarrassed for it. This way of thinking  



is really self-destructive and it causes many of 

us to withdraw more and more from different kinds  



of relationships and situations that make 

us feel overwhelmed and even uncomfortable.  



BKS Iyengar who was considered one of the 

foremost yoga teachers in the world says in  



his work Light on Life "sensitivity 

is not a weakness or a vulnerability,  



it is a clarity of perception and allows judicious 

and precise action." I'm Tonya your host and today  



we're chatting about high sensitivity and 

the perception of weakness versus strength.



Welcome to the highly sensitive healing podcast 

where we meet the joys and challenges of our  



sensitivity with open minds and hearts to 

awaken our best highly sensitive selves.



Hello my friends and wherever you are  



I invite you to just pause for a moment 

and take a couple of nice deep breaths



relax your shoulders and maybe set 

an intention for what you'd like to  



receive out of our time together today. Maybe 

it's as simple as learning something new or  



an affirmation of an emotion or a feeling 

you're experiencing now in this moment.  



And maybe think about why you chose this 

particular episode at this time what's going on in  



your life that drew you to talk about this today. 

So a quick story about how this episode came about,  



recently here in the pacific northwest 

we experienced a record heat wave and it  



topped out I think at around 106 degrees 

and like so many people here in this area  



in our home we have no air conditioning so it 

really was a stressful few days to say the least.  



But aside from the stress of living 

in a house that was 96 degrees  



I spent most of my time over these four-ish days 

trying to care for the wildlife that visits us  



and lives with us on our small piece of property. 

And so we have rabbits and deer that come through  



you know lots and lots of birds and some frogs 

and I spent a lot of my time just rotating  



out dishes of water and walking around 

the area looking for birds in distress.  



And on the second day I was doing this my husband 

started shaking his head and kind of chuckling at  



me rolling his eyes and he said something like you 

can't save them all and it's great that you care  



so much but i wish you cared about just one or two 

things instead of caring so much about everything!  



He said you're so emotional and you worry too much 

about things that you just can't do anything about  



and I just replied I said I know I know but I 

can't help it and I just kind of went on my way  



doing my thing with the water dishes. Now he wasn't 

trying at all to be cruel to me that wasn't his  



intention at all he's a good person it's just 

after our almost 13 years together he still  



doesn't get it he just simply doesn't get it 

because he's not anything close to being an hsp.



And a little later I started thinking you 

know how we do as hsps analyzing and replaying  



conversations over and over in our head and 

I had a little epiphany and iI was thinking  



what actually is wrong with 

caring about everything  



and how and why is this scene as such a bad thing 

and am I weak because I'm spending time and energy  



caring and helping and is my husband 

strong because he can so easily  



dismiss what was going on and what I saw 

as the suffering of other living things?  



and I invite you to just imagine for a moment 

what a world we would live in what kind of world  



it would be if every person cared about every 

bird every tree every ocean and neighbor and  



what kind of world might be living in right now 

if everyone actually cared more instead of less  



and this feeling of kind of irritation and 

frustration from that conversation that we had  



is what brought me back to this quote from 

Iyengar that sensitivity is not a weakness or  



a vulnerability it's a clarity of perception 

and allows us judicious and precise action.  



So I started thinking you know 

what does this mean for us as hsps  



and yes we can pretty much all agree I'm sure 

that being highly sensitive can make us feel  



like we're on a never-ending roller coaster of 

high octane emotion and sensory overload and  



yes it's draining and it's overwhelming 

but it also means that we possess awareness  



a genuine awareness and 

understanding and appreciation  



for the suffering and needs of the animals and 

plants and people around us. And we're more in  



tune with our environment and we're more skilled 

and capable of recognizing difficult situations  



and this is our clarity of perception as Iyengar

said we can naturally put ourselves into the shoes  



of an animal or a tree or a suffering child and 

yes it's painful for us it's often extremely  



painful for us because we have a natural 

conscience a natural contempt for neglect and abuse  



but it also drives us it drives us to stand 

up for what we intuitively feel is right and  



instead of dismissing these feelings or running 

away from them like a non-hsp person might.  



Our innate abilities allow us to 

take judicious and precise action  



you know our sensitivity really I believe is a 

highly developed skill and it allows us a deep  



understanding to see clearly what is happening 

around us and most importantly what needs to  



happen in order to be of service to someone else 

in need so what helped me to feel better during  



the heatwave taking action that one small 

act to set out water for animals in need  



and making the conscious decision to look past my 

husband's judgment that what I was doing was an  



action of weakness and I tell you truthfully 

it took me a long while to get to the point  



where I can now usually follow my sensitive 

instincts without letting someone else's opinion  



make me second-guess it. And do we 

fear being judged for our sensitivity  



sure. And are we worried that others might 

see us as weak if we take compassionate  



action to help at times? Most definitely. So 

how do we start to overcome these feelings  



this fear of being judged of being misunderstood 

in my experience it's all about taking action  



and when we feel compelled to do something helpful 

and kind I genuinely I genuinely believe that this  



is no accident and when we can start to look 

past the misunderstanding that others have of us  



because I believe and I promise you this to the 

depth of my soul that highly sensitive people  



we are the true north we are the consciousness of 

humanity. The human race whether most believe it or  



not needs us. We need highly sensitive people for 

the survival of all living things on our planet  



and just because we have an empathetic and gentle 

nature does not mean that we're weak it actually  



means the opposite that we're brave enough to 

take on challenges when they're presented to us  



but yet we hold back. The more action we take  



when we allow our sensitivity to guide us the 

more confident and resilient we become over time  



and what's the result of us sharing 

our full sensitive potential?  



A world that is more loving more kind and 

more compassionate so even a small action  



like placing small dishes of water outside 

in a heat wave which by the way many animals  



visit us over that weekend and they all 

visited the water dishes that I put out.  



So even these small actions they push us forward 

they push us to embrace our sensitivity instead  



of hiding in a way and I promise you 

the more you allow your highly sensitive  



nature into the world the better you will feel 

emotionally energetically and even physically.



And I'd love to hear from you can you think 

of a time where you were maybe compelled to  



take an action despite what someone else 

thought were you able to take that action  



or were you held back by fear of judgment and the 

next time you're in a situation do you think you  



might do something differently? I'd love to hear 

your thoughts and stories if you'd like to share  



your highly sensitive experience and I'll end 

today's episode by sharing an affirmation with  



you that I use when I feel myself holding back 

from being my complete highly sensitive self:



Love is my guiding truth and I follow it



Love is my guiding truth and I follow it. And for 

me it really doesn't get more simple than that



thank you so much for spending time with me 

here on the highly sensitive healing podcast  



new episodes are released every wednesday 

and if you ever have a question or a comment  



or even an idea for a future episode please feel 

free anytime to send an email or an instagram  



message all the links you'll need are in the 

show notes and if you found value in this episode  



please share it with a fellow hsp or someone 

who cares about them and wants to learn more  



about what it's like to live as a highly 

sensitive person i'll see you next time

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