Episode 33

Mental Health Yoga and Wellness with Cindy Beers

Published on: 29th December, 2021

In this episode we’re speaking once again with the phenomenal Cindy Beers.

Cindy is a yoga teacher with over 7000 hours of teaching and training spanning 10 years who tailors the yoga experience to meet her students’ where they are with compassion and a touch of laughter that leaves them feeling content and at peace. 

And now she’s gathered fellow teachers who share this philosophy into one place through Mental Health Yoga & Wellness. This online yoga wellness program offers yoga and wellness for individuals for Mental Health. Specifically, anxiety, depression, PTSD/Trauma, and stress.

Yoga has so many benefits for our mental and physical health and it has so much more to offer than just the physical practices or asanas that most of us in the west think of when we hear the word yoga.

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